Privicy Policy


  1. Admin area. If you have access to the admin area which most gamers do at this minute, a cookie will be stored on your computer for the duration of your session (until you log out). If you choose ‘remember me’ a cookie will be stored for a longer period of time. While the cookie is active you will not have to re-enter your login credentials.
  2. Twitch.TV’s chat stores a cookie to remember your session. The video player may also make use of flash local storage. The website itself does not keep or have access to these cookies.
  3. Our contact form does not store or hold cookies, it only sends what is typed / voluntarily given to it.


  1. If you have a user account on this website, and you have changed your password which you should to make our system secure so then no one is able to decipher it. This is actually pretty much the first rule of online security.
  2. Our website only collects the data that you voluntarily give it when you sign up. We will not, and will never, ever, ever sell it or give it to a third party company, police officer without a warrant or even some sketchy looking guy who just wants to borrow for a few hours.
  3. You may ask for your user account, and all the information associated with it, to be removed from this website\database at any time.


If you have concerns about this website and its privicy, feel free to email us using our form on our contacts page.