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#5 What is up!

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We talk about the latest and greatest news, including Destiny and and Battlefeild 1 in name of the tasr, and the rest of the gaming news! Then we have a good gentlemanly laugh at Cards Against Humanity,

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This episode was edited by Just Jordan, & Streamed by George Eden 🙂

Destiny 2 on PC: everything we know so far

We have two categories: those who play Destiny, and those who don’t play Destiny because playing shooters with analog sticks makes them cry. The former group, while they are betrayers, have the advantage of knowing what’s new and significant about Bungie’s big Destiny 2 gameplay reveal today (it’s coming to PC this time, if you hadn’t heard) while newcomers to the sci-fi MMOFPS series are mostly just enjoying the large guns for their intrinsic, large gun qualities.

As our readers surely fall into both camps, here’s everything we learned about Destiny 2 based on today’s reveal event, both from a newcomer’s perspective and with an eye for what’s changed from the console exclusive original.

When is the PC release date?

The Destiny 2 console release date is September 8, but the PC release date isn’t set.

“We haven’t committed to a PC date yet,” said game director Luke Smith when we asked him directly after the reveal event. “At Bungie, we are totally committed to making the PC build as great as we can … and we want to make sure this version of the game has the time it needs to bake in the oven so it’s a delicious piece of bread when it comes out.”

MCM Comic Con 2017

Yesterday we went to comic con,  it was that good I forgot to vlog the first bit of it so, to make my viewers happy I have made this montage. Hope it will satisfy you guys and girls. 🙂
We also have seen the new Apollo robot which will be on our screens in august hopefully. I cannot wait !!!
If you guys also went to comic con, I would be interested to know how you thought it was this year.

Mobius Final Fantasy coming to Steam with Final Fantasy 7 Remake tie-in

Mobius Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s free-to-play mobile role-playing game, is coming to Windows PC via Steam on Feb. 6, the publisher announced today. The day after, Square Enix will kick off a Final Fantasy 7 Remake promotional event in Mobius Final Fantasy.

The Steam release of Mobius Final Fantasy will offer “full HD” (1920×1080) resolution, Square Enix said in a release. On the Square Enix blog, project leader Naoki Hamaguchi said the PC port of the mobile game will support up to 4K resolution and refresh rates between 60-120 fps. Hamaguchi also noted that players will be able to transfer game data from the mobile version to the PC version.