About Us

SparkGaming365 is a gaming stream made for gamers, by gamers. It was created to be a friendly gaming community without the drama, elitism and general bad vibes that gaming streams were often afflicted with. Almost five years later, we’re still going strong! In fact, we’ve outlived most of our competitors, The Penny Arcade Report, Blockbuster Video, Woolworths and Margaret Thatcher.

We don’t really have any rules, but you’ll fit right in as long as you’re polite and gentlemanly. Thank you!



I am the guy that tries his bloody hardest, to give content on a regular basis. I do tip top state of the art gameplay for you. Mainly of Minecraft, Heroes & Generals, and much more, the list goes on…

I also have an xbox one with GTA5 and Destiny, I am slowly starting to use it every now and then, I also am a huge vlogger if you havent seen my videos.  If you like the sound of what I do, follow my links. YouTube, Twitch,VimeoFacebook!

George Eden

I am George a new photographer and video editor I have been inspired by many youtubers and thought why not give it a go myself! Why not Follow me on, YouTube Facebook!

Thomas Obaidy

I’m just a normal guy with a huge gaming addiction.
My social Links are, YouTubeTwitch!


My gamertag is PIECAKE but you can call me Jamie

What I do on my channel is playing video games alone or with friends, are you interested in playing with me go and check out my twitch I stream there a lot and play with viewers, I will be doing a plan on when I stream and what I stream. Games I play, I play a ton of zombies, really any game.

Things I like to do beside gaming, I love meeting new people, going on walk to get thoughts threw and out of my mind, talk to friends on Facebook,

I’m a PC gamer, I do own console for playing with console users. My Top Five games (5) The Last Of Us (4)Fallout 4 (3)Cod BO2&3 (2)Fallout 3 (1) Call Of Duty World At War

so stay tuned for more. My social Links are, YouTube!


Hello everyone and welcome to my channel I hope you enjoy the videos that I make, And if you enjoy any of the videos, leave a like, comment and favourite plus don’t forget share to help this channel grow :3 “Have Fun”. Why not Follow me on, YouTube & Facebook!


Hi my name is EagleEye 9. I focus on gaming lets play but I do do some other things in my Videos. So any ideas are welcome, just leave me a comment. Thank you and I hope to see you in my videos. My social Links are, YouTube & Facebook!